Revero Announces $5M In Seed Funding To Reverse Chronic Diseases


Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Using technology to deliver precision nutrition, Revero is on track to improve the lives of millions of chronic disease sufferers, reverse disease, and reduce costs for health plans and employers.


San Francisco, California, Nov 3, 2022 — Current medications and surgeries often bring side effects and do nothing to address the root causes for the millions of people suffering from chronic disease. The global economic burden of autoimmune illness alone is projected to hit $140 billion this year, with health plans and employers taking on massive costs — an expense that is simply not sustainable.

Revero, an AI digital health start-up on a mission to reverse chronic disease, has developed a cost-effective, AI-driven platform that targets the root causes of chronic disease and has transformed thousands of lives. The Revero subscription-based, virtual-care platform combines precision nutrition, machine learning, and continuous personalized care through clinicians. “It’s like having a doctor in your pocket 24/7,” said Mahsa Rostami, the Co-founder and CEO of Revero.

Rostami’s pioneering work in developing AI and machine learning platforms for health applications has helped change the landscape for the effectiveness of digital health, culminating in the creation of the Revero platform. Although a vast body of scientific research acknowledges the role of nutrition in chronic disease, it is difficult to identify the optimal nutritional therapy for each individual with regard to their specific disease and demographics. By using machine learning technology, Rostami developed a new method for personalizing the medical nutritional therapy to target the root causes of diseases for each unique patient by using precision nutrition.

“For the first time in history, we have a way to reverse autoimmune and metabolic disease, and we have done so with thousands of customers with more than 79% of those patients coming off their medications; this is truly groundbreaking,” added Rostami. “The detailed level of patient data we’re now able to bring together and share with clinicians in real time allows us to address the root cause of illness, often reverse disease, and improve people’s lives. I’m very proud of our work and early successes.”

The Revero platform addresses the core cause of disease with medical nutritional therapy. Improper nutrition often leads to insulin resistance, systemic inflammation, and gut dysfunction. Autoimmune and inflammatory diseases — such as arthritis, psoriasis, Crohn’s Disease, IBS, diabetes, and other illnesses at epidemic proportions within the US — are typically described as progressive and progressive and incurable. The Revero precision nutritional therapy platform has proven sustainable, easy to adopt, and effective for patients.

A 2021 peer-reviewed Harvard study found that 90% of patients achieved full resolution or substantial improvement with all targeted diseases and showed significantly decreased levels of inflammation as measured in lowered C-reactive protein. Nearly all patients with type-2 diabetes in the study fully came off all injectable medications, with 92% coming off insulin, and 84% eliminating all oral medications.

Revero is targeting partnerships with self-insured employers and health plans to save them billions by reducing the need for medications, interventions, and surgeries, all while significantly improving patient quality of life. In its next phase, Revero will generate a peer-reviewed cost savings analysis to show how the Revero platform can help payers drastically lower medical expenses.

Revero launched in 2019 and quickly grew to nearly 3,000 paying subscribers, allowing the company to reach a 56% compound growth rate and annual revenue of more than $500K. Revero recently secured a $5m seed round of funding. Investors, including A16Z Scout, Goodwater Capital, Think+ Ventures, and CapitalX, participated in the round.

With this seed funding, Revero will expand its platform to provide full-scope medical treatment across the US in all 50 states as patients rapidly improve and need to reduce their medications. In the future, the company will also extend the platform to address a broader range of metabolic conditions such as type-2 diabetes, heart disease, and even mental health issues, including anxiety and depression.

“Our vision is to reverse chronic disease for millions of people in the US and globally with our AI-based medical treatment in a high-touch care model,” added Rostami. “23.5 million Americans suffer from autoimmune disease, and on average, medication costs run $2-3K per patient, per month. Now is the time for action and it’s rewarding to see such an enthusiastic response from the industry and investors who share our vision.”

About the team: Revero CEO, Mahsa Rostami is an AI engineer who has built deep learning models that improved healthcare for millions of people at KPMG and Danaher. Revero CMO, Dr. Shawn Baker MD is an orthopedic surgeon, an expert in reversing diseases with nutritional therapy, and a best-selling author.

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